What you get...

  • My School Days

    Upload school certificates, projects, report cards and educational transcripts in one central location.
    Save your school memories and keep your children's records and achievements close at hand.

  • My Qualifications

    Upload qualifications, licenses, resumes and more. Set alerts to automate reminders so your qualifications never expire.

  • My Professional Development

    Track Professional Development hours, store associated correspondence, upload conference and reading material. Set reminders and alerts so you don't fall behind.

  • My Skills Journey

    Record your educational milestones on our timeline to graphically display your Skills Journey from your 'School days' all the way through your working life.

  • My Keepsakes

    Skills Wallet® even has a sensitive side!
    Store sentimental letters, documents, and other family keepsakes in one secure location.

  • My Communications

    With the click of a button you can instantly select and send all or part of your Skills Wallet® to any potential employer, organisation or
    educational institution.

  • My Alerts

    The inbuilt alert system automates emails and sends reminders to ensure your Skills Wallet® and Qualifications are up to date.

  • My Support

    Easily contact our support team, who are ready to help with any questions. Raise a Support Ticket directly from your Skills Wallet®.

  • My Wallet

    My Wallet allows you to store all of your Personal Information in one easy to access location.

  • Free Mobile APP

    Digitally engage by using Skills Wallet's free Mobile APP, The APP enables easy capture of all your stuff on the run... It works seamlessly with your software subscriptions to provide a complete solution!.

  • Secure
    Your Wallet

...Peace of Mind

When you subscribe to Skills Wallet® you can be sure your data is protected.

Payment Security

Skills Wallet® partners with a global payment provider who adhere to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) global standards. These standards are overseen by external regulators to ensure your account data security is maintained.

Data Security & Hosting

Skills Wallet® uses a globally recognised hosting provider who adheres to ISO compliance certifications, global regulations and privacy standards. Moreover, the most stringent security standards and firewalls are maintained to ensure compliance.

All data travelling to and from Skills Wallet® is encrypted using 256-bit encryption, ensuring the security of all your personal information.

Pricing & Packages

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Contact us about group, school and corporate rates.

As an added bonus, our research indicates that Skills Wallet® is Tax Deductible making it even more affordable!
...but don't just take our word for it check with your local accountant.

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What do our Partners have to Do?

Not much really...

-- Just hand out our flyers and put up a few posters around your organisation. --

-- Provide our 'Promo Code' to anyone buying Skills Wallet® so we can track any sales back to you. --

-- Send us an invoice so we can pay you. --

-- That's it! --

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